Regeneplex Standard Process¬† Regeneplex is a clinically studied systemic skin health product that works from the inside out. By combining key ingredients from the whole foods with complementary ingredients, this formula synergistically supports the body’s natural tissue-healing process associated with the normal effects of aging. Targets all three layers of the skin, the circulatory and […]

Renafood Standard Process Offers Natural, Whole Foods to Support Healthy Renal Functioning The kidneys are as essential to life as the heart and brain, and they work continuously to filter waste from our blood. Leftover debris from cellular chemical reactions and excess nutrients that our bodies don’t need to travel in the blood to renal […]

American Heart Month Cardiotrophin PMG Standard Process¬† Helps Maintain the Healthy Functioning of the Heart and Cardiovascular system The heart begins to beat well before birth, pumping oxygen and nutrients to trillions of cells throughout our bodies during our entire lifetime. The heart is a remarkable pump, moving more than 3,000 gallons of blood through […]

Pancreatrophin PMG Supports Healthy Pancreas Function The pancreas is both an exocrine and an endocrine organ. Pancreatic secretion contains enzymes for digestion of all three major types of food: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. The exocrine secretion of the pancreas is called pancreatic juice and contains the enzymes trypsinogen, chymotrypsinogen, amylase, and lipase. Sodium bicarbonate, also […]

Pancreas A healthy pancreas produces chemicals to digest the food we eat. The exocrine tissues secrete a clear, watery, alkaline juice that contains several enzymes. These break down food into small molecules that can be absorbed by the intestines. The enzymes include: trypsin and chymotrypsin to digest proteins amylase to break down carbohydrates lipase, to […]