DiGest Forte

DiGest Forte

DiGest Forte

DiGest Forte contains Gentian, Ginger, Tangerine (Chen Pi) (fruit peel and cold pressed essential oil), Wormwood and Feverfew. This combination contains many compounds including secoiridoid bitter glycosides (including gentiopicrin and amarogentin), pungent principles (including gingerols), sesquiterpene lactones (including absinthin and parthenolide), flavonoids and monoterpenes. This formulation and the compounds within it are used traditionally to:

  • stimulate gastric juice output and appetite
  • support healthy digestion and intestinal function
  • promote healthy gastrointestinal tone
  • cleanse the liver
  • increase bile flow as a cholagogue
  • promote normal response to environmental stresses*

Suggested Use: 1 tablet 3 times daily, or as directed.

DiGest Forte: Digestive Action & More

DiGest Forte is a unique combination of Gentian root, Ginger rhizome, Wormwood herb, Feverfew leaf and Tangerine fruit peel and fruit peel cold pressed essential oil. This combination stimulates appetite and supports healthy digestion.*

 Bitter taste receptors

The perception of taste is due mainly to the action of the taste buds in the mouth, although the sense of smell also contributes. We are able to perceive hundreds of different tastes, which are combinations of several general taste categories. One of these categories is bitter taste.

Bitter compounds are detected by taste receptor cells in the mouth. A bitter compound interacts by stimulating the bitter taste receptor, causing reactions in the body such as nerve impulses, leading to, for example, secretion of saliva when eating, and also the relay of information to the brain. Research has found that bitter taste receptors occur in many tissues in the body other than the mouth, for example, in the large intestine. It is likely then that bitter compounds, including those found in herbs, may have an effect on the body when they are swallowed but not tasted, as would occur by taking a tablet or capsule.*

The discovery of bitter taste receptors in body tissues other than the mouth, raised the possibility that bitter compounds may have more wide ranging effects in the body. For example, bitter compounds were able to stimulate the secretion of gut hormones (such as cholecystokinin [CCK] and glucagon-like peptide-1 [GLP-1]) when tested in intestinal endocrine cells. These gut hormones play a role in satiation (feeling satisfied after eating or drinking). CCK also participates in broad aspects of digestion, such as the release of pancreatic enzymes and bile salts. A clinical study with healthy volunteers found that a bitter compound administered directly into the stomach (in other words, without being tasted) reduced hunger and improved satiation when participants consumed a nutrient drink.

Tests using isolated cells found that Gentian, Wormwood and Feverfew contain substances that stimulate bitter taste receptors. *

 Herbal digestive tonics

A tonic is popularly thought of as something that makes you feel better, stronger or healthier. It improves the tone, vigor and function of the part of the body to which it is directed.*

Bitter tonics are bitter tasting tonics that have a long tradition of use, mainly to promote healthy functioning of the upper gastrointestinal tract. This occurs (1) via the taste buds in the mouth and also the vagus nerve, which innervates these organs; (2) by acting directly on gastrointestinal tissue; or (3) by both. They help increase digestive secretions, support normal tone (e.g. of the esophageal sphincter) and promote bile flow. Bitter tonics also have a wider action on the body: they assist general health and support healthy immune function.*

There are also many other types of herbs that support digestive function that are not bitter tonics. They include Ginger and Tangerine peel.

How DiGest Forte Keeps You Healthy

Stimulates digestive enzymes and appetite, supports healthy digestion

In a comparative and placebo-controlled trial, volunteers given Gentian to taste experienced an increase in the secretion of saliva. An uncontrolled trial found that Gentian given to volunteers five minutes before a meal stimulated:

  • gastric secretion
  • production of bile by the liver
  • release of bile from the gallbladder

In the same study, Wormwood also stimulated gastric secretion.

In addition to improving appetite and assisting digestion, Gentian, as a major bitter tonic, has been traditionally used to promote healthy tone in the gastrointestinal tract. Wormwood, Feverfew, fruit peel of Tangerine and Ginger have been used traditionally to improve appetite.

Natural clinicians use fruit peel of Tangerine and Ginger to increase gastric secretion and peristalsis, and Ginger, Wormwood and Feverfew to improve digestion. The Tangerine cold pressed essential oil will support the activity of the Tangerine ripe fruit peel. (The fruit peel contains essential oil.)*

 What Makes DiGest Forte Unique

DiGest Forte is unique in the professional herbal products industry because:

  • Top quality organically grown Gentian and Wormwood are used in the manufacture of this tablet
  • The tablet coating contains Gentian to provide a bitter taste when swallowed (the bitter taste helps to increase digestive secretions)*

 Unique Manufacture & Analytical Testing 

Quality and safety ensured by quality systems, unique manufacture and analytical testing

  • Manufactured in Australia to the high standards of international pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Unique extraction method using cold percolation for the Gentian, Ginger, Wormwood and Feverfew components of this tablet (this protects the delicate plant constituents, ensuring a full range of constituents)
  • Raw materials are subjected to tough quality standards
  • The quantity of parthenolide in Feverfew and the pungent principles (gingerols and shagaols) in Ginger are initially measured using high performance liquid chromatography and regularly monitored
  • The quantity of essential oil in Ginger is initially measured using the distillation method outlined in the British Pharmacopoeia and regularly monitored