General Health Daily Fundamentals

General Health Daily Fundamentals

Building the Foundation for a Healthier Lifestyle-General Health Daily Fundamentals from Standard Process helps you keep up a supplement regimen by conveniently packaging a foundational maintenance program to support optimal health.Standard Process believes that your body can do amazing things to keep itself healthy if it is given the proper nutrition.For that reason it has brought together a trio of products to provide you with the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids your body needs every day to build a foundation for a healthier lifestyle.Each box contains a 30-day supply of individual packs containing

●      Catalyn, a whole food multivitamin

●      Trace Minerals-B12

●      Tuna omega-3 oil, to support heart, brain, eye, and joint health

Filling that Nutritional Gap-

Catalyn is designed to provide vitamins and minerals from whole foods to bridge the nutritional gap in your diet.

Trace Mineral Support-Trace Minerals- B-12 features a variety of trace minerals GÇô iron, iodine, zinc, copper, and manganese GÇô to support a healthy body.

  • Spleen and red blood cell functioning
  • Ligament, cartilage, and bone structure
  • Fat metabolism
  • Calcium utilization
  • Immune and thyroid health

Providing Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Tuna omega-3 oil provides essential fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, to

  • Support normal lipid, or fat, profiles
  • Provide antioxidants to help in the fight against free radicals, which can cause damage at the cellular level
  • Support cognition and emotional balance
  • Promote healthy skin and hair