Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis – Not Just An Adult Disease

Just as it is for adults with this condition, Juvenile Arthritis is characterized by inflammation of the joints. It causes pain, swelling, stiffness and loss of motion. It most commonly affects the knees, hands and feet and tends to be worse in the morning, or after a nap.

Other symptoms can include eye inflammation, swelling in lymph nodes, high fever and skin rash, and excessive clumsiness. Juvenile Arthritis can also cause bones and joints to grow unevenly. “Flare-ups” of this disease are typical; symptoms become much worse during the disease flare, but once that is over the symptoms tend to disappear, or the disease goes into “remission”.

Juvenile Arthritis Treatment

There is no direct curative treatment for this condition. Fortunately, the majority of patients recover spontaneously with minimal or no disability. However, joint stiffness and mild fusion can occur and we have seen that Chiropractic treatment can often help to ease the pain and discomfort through gentle mobilization. While Chiropractic helps with improve range of motion, Improving flexibility and endurance, there are other treatments in addition to manipulation, including massage, heat and ice, electronic stimulation, rehabilitative exercises, and massage Therapy.
If you or some one you know might be suffering from this please call and make an appointment today to discuss treatment possibilities.