Coronavirus Protocol  Calcium Lactate                                                              6 capsules 2x per day Cataplex C                                                                       3 capsules 2x per day Cataplex F                                                                       3 capsules 2x per day Andrographis complex                                                   4 capsules 2x per day Viranon                                                                             2 capsules 2 x per day Artemisinin Complex: If you are not sure whether it’s bacterial or virus involvement     Wellness Protocol  Catalyn                                                                   3 […]

Young Living’s Purification Essential Oil Ditch overpowering and harsh chemical-based sprays and keep your home smelling fresh and clean with Young Living’s Purification essential oil. This blend is made up of six essential oils for the ultimate weapon against odors. Citronella, Lavandin, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Myrtle, and Tea Tree work together to create a refreshing, bright […]

Thieves Essential Oil Blend for Health Protection Cold and Flu season has arrived, are you doing all you can to protect you and your family against diseases? Especially with the current COVID-19 outbreak!  Thieves Oil Provides Powerful Protection against Viruses and Bacteria  Thieves Oil is a blend of five essential oils that are scientifically documented […]

At Shiepis Clinic of Chiropractic, your health is always our number one priority. As we continue to provide care to our patients, we have implemented measures to increase the cleaning and sanitizing practices in our office, which includes all treatment surfaces, common areas and frequently touched surfaces like door knobs, sign in areas, etc. If […]

Cumin Vitality PRODUCT SUMMARY Your detoxification system works hard; give it some love with Cumin Vitality! Cumin is a cleansing support superstar, delivering internal cleansing properties and support for your body’s most important detoxifying organs, like the liver, kidneys, and digestive system. Toasted, spicy, and earthy, it’s also an international cuisine fan favorite. A drop […]

Renafood Standard Process Offers Natural, Whole Foods to Support Healthy Renal Functioning The kidneys are as essential to life as the heart and brain, and they work continuously to filter waste from our blood. Leftover debris from cellular chemical reactions and excess nutrients that our bodies don’t need to travel in the blood to renal […]

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast!   Are you stressed out and exhausted from trying to come up with your perfect gift for your loved one? We have the perfect solution for you! Give the gift of massage! Gift certificates are available at our office:   One hour therapeutic massage – $50.00 One hour therapeutic massage with […]

American Heart Month Cardiotrophin PMG Standard Process  Helps Maintain the Healthy Functioning of the Heart and Cardiovascular system The heart begins to beat well before birth, pumping oxygen and nutrients to trillions of cells throughout our bodies during our entire lifetime. The heart is a remarkable pump, moving more than 3,000 gallons of blood through […]

Live Your Passion Young living essential oil  PRODUCT SUMMARY Live Your Passion™ is a sweet, joyful blend of nine essential oils: Orange, Royal Hawaiian™ Sandalwood, Nutmeg, Lime, Idaho Blue Spruce, Northern Lights Black Spruce, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, and Peppermint. Each of these oils offers their own unique benefits, from aromatic to topical. Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood, […]

Young Living GLF Vitality Essential Oil GLF™ Vitality™ is a powerful blend of essential oils that can be taken as a dietary supplement in conjunction with Detoxzyme® and Essentialzyme™ to help support healthy gallbladder and liver function. GLF Vitality includes six therapeutic-grade essential oils: Grapefruit, Ledum, Helichrysum, Hyssop, Celery, and Spearmint. This proprietary blend contains […]