Cardiotrophin PMG

Cardiotrophin PMG

American Heart Month

Cardiotrophin PMG

Standard Process 

Helps Maintain the Healthy Functioning of the Heart and Cardiovascular system

The heart begins to beat well before birth, pumping oxygen and nutrients to trillions of cells throughout our bodies during our entire lifetime. The heart is a remarkable pump, moving more than 3,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels every day, resting only between beats. The heart is actually two separate pumps: a right ventricle that pumps the blood through the lungs and a left ventricle that pumps the blood through the peripheral organs and body.

How Cardiotrophin PMG Keeps You Healthy

Maintains cellular health

Protomorphogen extract is the brand name of standard process extracts derived from nucleoprotein-mineral molecules. The foundation for the function of these uniquely formulated nucleoprotein-mineral extracts comes from the antigen-antibody reaction that takes place during normal cell maintenance. The antigenic properties promote healthy cellular division, function, and growth. When a tissue needs support, at least a dozen different compounds are formed that can cause white blood cells to travel together toward the compromised area. These compounds include degenerative products of the tissues themselves. They strongly activate the macrophage system, and within a few hours, the macrophages can also effect the structure of the remaining healthy cells. The bovine heart PMG appears to neutralize the circulating antibodies, thereby contributing to the maintenance of cellular health.

Supports a healthy heart

Cardiotrophin PMG contains naturally occuring coenzyme Q complex. Coenzyme Q complex is a vitamin like substance, well established in scientific literature as an important nutrient in maintaining healthy cardiovascular function. One of many functions of coenzyme Q is to provide an antioxidant effect to help scavenge free radicals.

Calcium is also an important nutrient in supporting sound cardiovascular function. Calcium lactate is a very soluble calcium salt and highly bioavailable it changes to calcium bicarbonate (the type used by the body) in one chemical step. Calcium lactate is highly soluble in water (a neutral pH) and does not depend on acid conditions to perform its function.

Sustains metabolic efficiency

While magnesium is present in most cells in only minute quantities, it plays an important role in human metabolism, as does its partner, calcium. Magnesium functions in such reactions as nerve condition and nerve excitability, transfer of energy, muscular activity, and many other specific processes. Magnesium functions as a cofactor, assisting enzymes in catalyzing many chemical reactions. Magnesium and calcium are synergistic, meaning that what they do for the body together, they cannot perform on their own.

What Makes Cardiotrophin PMG Unique

Product attributes

Ingredients are derived from whole food sources

  • Each tablet supplies 120 mg bovine heart PMG extract
  • Contains naturally occurring coenzyme Q from bovine heart PMG extract

Contains Protomorphogen extracts

  • Standard Process uses a unique manufacturing method of deriving tissue call determinants from animal glands and organs.
  • Help provide cellular support and rehabilitation to the corresponding human tissues
  • Important antigenic properties of nucleoprotein-mineral determinants are the foundation of the product

The Calcium lactate in Cardiotrophin PMG is a pure-vegetable source of calcium

  • Not derived from a dairy source

Manufacturing and Quality-control process

Low-Temperature, high-vacuum drying technique

  • Preserves the enzymatic vitality and nutritional potential of ingredients

Not disassociated into isolated components

  • The nutrients in Cardiotrophin PMG are processed to remain intact, complete nutritional compounds

Degreed microbiologists and chemists in our on-site laboratories continually conduct bacterial and analytical tests on raw materials, product batches, and finished products.

  • Ensures consistent quality and safety

Vitamin and mineral analyses validate product content and specifications.

  • Assures high-quality essential nutrients are delivered.