Keep your cook out healthy

Keep your cook out healthy

As we all celebrate this coming Fourth of July this year make sure to take time to remember the true meaning of the day, Independence Day.

The Fourth of July is a time to commemorate America’s declaration of separation from Great Britain that was made on July 4, 1776. Our freedom and our democracy that we have been blessed with is a direct product of the sheer determination from our forefathers who worked to establish the United States of America as a free country.

One of the favorite ways to celebrate is a good old fashioned cookout, Compared to frying food, grilling is a much healthier option because you can grill foods without adding oil or fat to them.

Here are some tips to keep your cook out healthy.

Switch your protein – Instead of grilling up fatty red meat try switching to fish.

Veggies- Grill up veggies to add flavor and variety. Try asparagus, carrots, corn, peppers or any of your other favorites.

Keep an eye on the Temperature – Don’t cook meat past its goal temperature: 165 degrees for ground poultry; 160 degrees for ground red meats or mixtures and fresh pork; or 145 degrees for red meat steaks or chops.

Replace salt – use herbs and spices or some of the salt-free seasoning mixes. Use lemon juice, citrus zest or hot chilies to add flavor.

Grill smaller pieces – Make kabobs to reduce its exposure to high grilling temperatures.

You can grill fruit too – grilled pineapple can be a delicious dessert. You can marinade, spice or just simply grill slices on each side for a few minutes.