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The Role of Canton Massage Therapy in Chiropractic Treatment

A popular therapy in complementary medicine, massage therapy is mostly associated with relaxation and stress management. But having regular massage offers many more benefits. Medical practitioners now recognize massage as an effective therapy that helps patients who are on conventional treatment for illnesses and chronic pain to manage their symptoms and provide some relief. Many chiropractic practitioners also incorporate massage into their treatments to provide patients with better treatment outcomes. Apart from promoting a sense of well-being, massage is believed to help patients recover faster after undergoing medical treatment or after surgery.

Treat Your Body a Massage Therapy in Canton

When performed by a skilled, licensed therapist, massage therapy is safe and can produce the intended results. Qualified massage therapists are trained to design treatment plans that put into account the patients’ needs. After consulting with the patients, therapists provide customized treatments based on the information the patients provide. Massage primarily uses techniques that manipulate the body’s soft tissues. Using their hands, fingers and sometimes elbows, massage therapists perform movements that improve the function of body organs and tissues and remove muscle tension.
One of the remarkable ways the body responds to massage is muscle relaxation. As the patient relaxes during a massage session, the blood vessels relax and the circulation system’s function improves. The body produces the natural feel good hormones (endorphins), which are also natural painkillers. As a result, emotional tension is reduced and the patient feels better.

Benefits of Canton OH Massage Therapy

With experience, massage therapists who work with Shiepis Clinic Of Chiropractic develop their techniques, ability to identify specific problem areas and designing the best course of treatment. Some specific ways a therapist can help is pain management and tissue function. In addition to producing the pain relieving endorphins, massage improves muscle function, suppleness and overall function. If for example you are undergoing chiropractic therapy for lower back pain, massage helps to retrain the muscles around the area of the spine that is realigned by the chiropractor to get back to correct position. In addition, improved circulation supplies the area with more blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen. This helps the area to heal faster, reduces pain and aids the surrounding body tissues in resumption of normal function.

Expectations from Massage Therapy in Canton OH

Depending on what patients need, a massage therapist can use one or more type of massage. A deep tissue massage for example, works well for athletes who are at risk of muscle overuse and tissue injury. A Canton chiropractor who incorporates massage therapy in treatment is likely to achieve better results for several reasons.

Some studies have shown that massage can help to improve the body’s immune system. With a stronger immunity, the body responds better to treatment and heals faster. In addition, a patient in a relaxed state after a massage session is likely to have improved body posture and joint mobility and this can contribute to successful chiropractic therapy significantly.

There is no reason why you should live with painful conditions that affect your productivity and stop you from living your life to the full. Try massage therapy today at Shiepis Clinic Of Chiropractic and expect positive changes to happen in your life.