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Physical Therapy

Canton Physical Therapy at Work

Physical therapy can do well in dozens of settings — and with as many specialties — to help patients increase their overall well-being. Physical therapy uses a combination of exercise, hands-on techniques and technology to alleviate and prevent pain.

Role of Canton OH Physical Therapy in Acute Care

Our professional physical therapist sees patients across the injury and disease spectrum in a hospital setting, and we work with a team of other healthcare providers to help determine a patient’s best course of treatment. We look at the big picture and consult with physicians and other types of therapists to map a continued course of care. Discharge planners and physicians rely on to physical therapists to say, “Well, you know this patient can go home but they are going to need healthcare services.” Or this patient needs to go to a sub-acute unit or, in the most unfortunate case, the patient may need long-term care, a nursing home or something like that.

In situations where there is a heart disease and the patient has had a cardiac event, many of these people get a sense that if they move, they are going to have another heart attack. Our physical therapist is there to help them get over that hump and to show them that it’s safe to get up, it’s safe to walk, it’s safe to do a little exercise.

Role in Oncology of Physical Therapy in Canton

Cancer treatment leaves patients with numerous painful side effects. Our Canton physical therapy experts in this rapidly emerging practice area work with patients to manage rehabilitation care throughout treatment.

In cancer treatment, we tend to see them over the course of their treatment, which can last for a year or 18 months, and we see them frequently over that time. Patients will start with surgery and see a physical therapist. Then most of them will move into chemotherapy or radiation and need more PT for the side effects.

Much of what our physical therapy experts do is manual therapy, working on scar tissue or complications. It’s very hands-on. The manual therapy is an integral part of treatment. We also tend to see patients one-on-one rather than in a small group.

The things done at Shiepis Clinic Of Chiropractic do have an immediate effect on people. We can impact quality of life and the way that people look at themselves psychologically, how they feel about going through their lives. That’s a really cool thing. Our Canton chiropractor physical therapy program gives patients the hope that they are going to come out the other side.